Tuesday, 19 July 2011

European Bowl - 4 days till Kick Off

The third tier of RLEF competition in 2011 provides the Czech Republic with the opportunity to continue its re-organisation while also serving its intended role as an entry level competition to new nations, in this case Hungary. The Czechs play Hungary XIII on Hungarian soil, just outside the capital Budapest, on 23 July. The move can be seen as a sign of the sport\\\'s gradual entrenchment in Europe, as nations are more able to find a suitable competitive level due to greater choice of opponents and improving standards among locals. 

The CZRLA, which launched an expanded Czech Super League in 2011, has focused their effort on the cultivation of young Czech rugby league-only players who play for domestic clubs, and their entry into the Bowl provides them with the opportunity to give the national team adequate preparation. For the Magyar Bulls, the Bowl will be their first taste of competitive rugby league, from which they, and the RLEF, will be able to gauge how best to approach further development

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