Thursday, 28 July 2011

Serbian RFL to support fledgling Hungary

The Serbian Rugby League Federation in cooperation with the Belgrade Rugby League Federation will send Belgrade XIII to Hungary on Friday to play a friendly match against Hungary XIII in Kecskemet on Sunday. 

This will be the second game for Hungary XIII in a week, their first in rugby league. Last weekend Hungary XIII debuted, acquitting themselves well against the Czech Republic in the European Bowl.

Jovan Vujosevic, the RLEF’s Central Europe Regional Director, has been instrumental in Hungary’s first steps in the sport: 

“Serbian rugby league, as a leader in the Central Europe region, will send a pioneer team to promote rugby league in Hungary. This isn't the first time that Serbian rugby league has sent a team to promote rugby league in neighbouring countries. Serbia sent its national team to Greece to play the first ever game in Greece.

’’I hope that this initiative will push forward development of rugby league in Hungary and that this will also animate other countries in the Central European Region to start rugby league, like Romania, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovakia, Austria, Bulgaria and Poland.

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