Thursday, 28 July 2011

Magyar Bulls announce their squad for the match vs. the Belgrade Selection

After a strong showing vs. the Czech Republic on the 23rd July, the Magyar Bulls Coach, Adam Nunn has made some small amends to his squad due to player availability. Coming in to make their debuts for the team will be Arno Franken, Mehdi Benaniba and Juhas Geza - replacing Luca Tramontin, Phil Angel and Fustos Peter.

Scott Torrance will shift from his try scoring position on the wing to stand off whilst Nunn shifts to the bench and Jimenez will shift to half-back

Full team below:

1.Szalontani Imre
2.Federico Sciotti
3.Arno Franken
4.Harangozo Laszlo
5.Zubornyak Gergo
6.Scott Torrance
7.Joel Kimenez
8. Cedric Gaidet
9. Mehdi Benaniba
10. Haboczki Zsolt (Captain)
11. Goletz Geza
12. Andre Brand
13. Bihari Matyas
14. Bihari Lajos
15. Juhas Geza
16. Adam Nunn
17. Szabo Nandor

Kick off - 4pm, 31st July - Kecskemet, Hungary